Monday, July 7, 2014

Orange Chipotle Chicken Part Deux

Orange Chipotle Chicken on Noodles
Orange Chipotle Chicken on Noodles
Today was one of those days when all I dreamt about at work was food. I knew exactly what I wanted for dinner. There is this recipe on my old blog for Orange-Chipotle Wings that I absolutely was craving. The fortunate thing about this recipe is that it is well suited for cooking frozen chicken breast since I had not planned this meal earlier. I pretty much followed the recipe because I was cooking about a pound of chicken breast. The only different is that my cooking time was doubled because the chicken was frozen.

I served the chicken on Indomie noodles. These are my favorite noodles ever and I have been eating them since childhood. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday and as I made the noodles, I was reminded about how much she hates the noodles. My mother can't stand the smell of the condiment that comes with the noodles. When my sister and I were younger, she would cook us the noodles regardless of the fact that she hates it. I am going to be putting up a recipe that was inspired by her tomorrow.

From tonight cooking session, I have left over chicken breast in the fridge. I am already sure it is going in a tortilla wrap or bread for a sandwich soon. Please try the recipe and let me know what you think of it.

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