Friday, July 11, 2014

A Food Garden

Picking raspberries.
One of my friends is house sitting for a couple weeks. She had mentioned constantly that she thought it would be good for me to visit the house. I was not so sure especially because it is Ramadan and I crave the comfort of my house and bed. However, in the name of friendship, I packed my bag before work yesterday and went to visit for the night. I got in so late but I was still in awe when I arrived by the bits of the garden I could see in the twilight. This morning when I woke up, I was stunned. It is so pretty. I took a bunch pictures because it is not just a flower garden but a mixed with food plants as well. I really hope one day I am able to create something like this for myself.

The view standing on the patio looking into the yard
The cherry tree has a radio playing to scare away birds.
Onions growing alongside dills
Squash flowers blossoming 
I love this flowery path

There were so many ripe raspberries hiding under the leaves

A cluster of lettuce

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