Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scallops and Mango Cucumber Salsa

Two seared scallops in a bowl filled with diced mango and cucumber with lime zest
Scallops and Mango Cucumber Salad
About a year ago, I discovered and started reading the food blog of the Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen. One particular recipe that she had that was super hilarious was her scallops recipe.I had never had scallops before and I really still don't know much about it...except that succulent sea scallops are super expensive. I did not think much about it until this past week when I had the opportunity to get scallops at a discount.
Even with the hefty discount I got, the scallops were still so expensive for my budget that I only got two. Since freezing scallops is said to ruin the texture, I knew I had to have this week. It was perfect though because I have over-indulged in food this week so I really needed something light and easy for dinner. I chose to serve the scallops over a bowl of mango and cucumber.

Raw scallops on wax paper with a whole cucumber, two mangos and a lime
Scallops, Lime, Cucumber and Mango

Sea Scallops and Mango Cucumber Salsa

Ingredients (serves 1)
2 Scallops
2 Mangos
1 Cucumber
1 Lime
1 Jalapeno
1 Tsp Olive Oil

1. Dry the scallops thoroughly and season liberally. Scallops can handle salt.

Cucumber cut length wise with seed removed waiting to be diced on a board with a spoon, two mangos and a jalapeno pepper
Scooped out cucumber. Taking out the seeds in the center ensures that the salsa does not become watery.
2. Cut the cucumber into two length wise and scoop out the seeds in the middle with the tip of a spoon. Chop the cucumber finely. Also chop the jalapeno and mango finely. Transfer to a bowl and then zest the lime over the salad. Squeeze in the whole lime then stir together.

Diced mango, diced cucumber, diced jalapeno pepper mixed together and dressed with lime juice and zest
This Mango Cucumber Salad can be mixed with couscous, rice, quinoa or even orzo to stretch it out or bulk it up. 

3. Put a non-stick pan on to heat. Add in the olive oil and swirl around the pan to coat it. Make sure that the oil in the pan gets to smoking point before putting in the scallops.

A seared scallop in a pan
Seared Scallops

4. Don't touch the scallops for two minutes. It important that you don't even wiggle otherwise you will interfere with the searing process and lose out on flavor.

5. Flip over the scallops and don't touch for another two minutes. Voila! The scallops are done and ready to eat.

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  1. Lovely! I am going to have a heavy remix of this tonight: I couldnt find jalapeƱos so I am using regular green bell pepper, scallops r expensive so are prawns so I will be using shrimps instead. Hope it still comes out yummy :)